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Welcome to Golf Clubs Zone, where you’ll find everything you need to know about your next golf club. We also review a lot of other golf equipment. You’ll find great info on golf drivers, covering all the big brand names such as Callaway, Ping and Taylormade.

We also have a great set of articles on how to improve your game using your golf clubs, such as golf driving tips, tips for beginner golfers, golf swing tips and advice for left handed golfers. There are featured reviews on the best selling golf training program such as the Simple Golf Swing. Find also information on other golf accessories such as GPS unit reviews and laser range finders.

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How To Buy Quality Golf Clubs & Avoid Draining Your Wallet Dry

Golf clubs or most golf equipment, are well known to have some of the most expensive accessories to invest in when your talking about sports. Nonetheless, there’s not any motive for why it should really should end up this way. Expensive golfing clubs typically have a lot more technology and a lot more attributes, but for the typical golf player it’s a total waste of money. It’s still attainable to get golf clubs at a very affordable pace while still improving your game. Read More >

Hit Fairway Woods – 7 Tips For Doing It Right

In this article we take a look at 7 tips that will help you hit a fairway wood a lot cleaner and get more distance for your shot. We look at the situations when you require them— like having a shot at an eagle or to save par from wayward drive. Included is the learning of the swing mechanics, and the key elements needed to master the proper hitting fairway woods in golf.

So if you’ve just bought a new set of clubs after reading one of our reviews and want some quick advice, just a learner or even a seasoned golder you find something here in how to hit fairway woods and will assist you getting started. Read More >