The Wilson Pro Staff 11-Piece Set includes a deep center-of-gravity style designed for distance and accuracy and is ideal for the entry-level golfer or any golfer searching for a good, standard equipment. Optimum headsize along with a taken-back footprint provide the woods a higher MOI for greater precision, as the irons possess a 360-degree undercut cavity, wide sole, and heavy topline that mix to make a big, broadened sweet spot. But it gets better – Wilson has additionally incorporated two hybrid clubs that provide true game improvement. Wood-style hybrid driversare usually simpler hitting than lengthy irons, align easily for the target, and succeed in a multitude of lies and course problems.

What you get in the Wilson Pro Staff bag:

  • 1, 3, 5 Woods
  • Hybrids: 3, 4
  • Irons: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, pitching wedge
  • Flex: Regular
  • Lengths – Standard
  • Grip – all weather rubber
  • Graphite Shafts for woods/hybrid + True Temper steel for irons

5 Reasons why the Wilson Men’s Pro Staff Set is popular:

  • Very easy to use and good quality make
  • The great loft or lift with Irons in particular the pitching wedge
  • Hard to really miss hit a shot
  • A nice balanced feel about each club with most note an improvement in their swing and distances
  • Most buyers comment on the huge size of the driver and the improved distance you get out of it.

Here is what buyers of Wilson Men’s Pro Staff set are saying on Amazon:

Cowboys Chu:

“….anybody new to golf can most certainly learn to play with this golf club set, and 100 or so hours later at the driving range along with a couple of rounds out on the course, all you need is just a high loft attack wedge of your choice and then your golf set is complete. Wilson ProStaff DCG set is most certainly will not be your bottleneck when you up your game, the clubs are very well built, easy to use, and y they also deliver remarkable distance….”


“…superb golf clubs for the cash you pay. Haven’t played a game in 8 years or so. I first went back to the range twice and then played some rounds. Very hard to miss hit with the driver – I was shocked to smash 250 yard drives with little to no practice. Irons are solid and very forgiving. This great set arrived within two days with Amazon prime…. “

Conclusion on Wilson Men’s Pro Staff

This is a really reasonably priced set coming from top name brand Wilson. Most players are saying that the clubs are very easy to use and forgiving on any miss hits that can happen with starter players. The quailty of the clubs is 5 stars and is a steal at the price offered to own these clubs. gives the Wilson Men’s Pro Staff 11 Piece set a 5-star rating for best value start-up and overall performance at this price.

About Wilson Golf Clubs

Wilson golf sets provide the golf player a fully integrated, complete golf equipment that’s always ready to go out of the box. New and larger driver club head sizes and advancements in shaft performance give remarkable distance with very comfortable feel and balance.

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