Hit Fairway Woods – 7 Tips For Doing It Right

Learning how to hit a driver correctly can present to your overall game a massive boost. It’s true that in general wood golf clubs are usually the least used clubs in your golf bag, however there are occasions when you require them in the worst situations—either to have a shot at an eagle or to save par from wayward drive. Learning the swing mechanics,  consistent and dedicated training sessions are the underlying path to mastery of hitting fairway woods in golf.

So if you’re still learning how to hit fairway woods the right way, here are some helpful tips to assist you getting started.

Tip 1: In the cases of playing out of roughs, tap the club head behind the ball  (without touching the ball) to tamp down some of the grass between the head and the ball. This is still perfectly within the rules of golf providing you don’t make any contact with the ball itself.

Tip 2: Don’t be confused when using fairway wood clubs and your irons. The swing mechanics is quite different even though you can compare the distances.  Usually when you playing with long irons,  you take a large divot. This is not the approach taken with woods.

Tip 3: If you are planning to play a fade or a draw, you must always keep your feet lined up with your target, about shoulder-width apart. Play the ball a bit forward, nearly in line with your left foot (for right handed golfers). Keeping your arms fully extended and your back straight,  make sure you still have a slight amount of knee flex.

Tip 4: You must resist the temptation of scooping the ball off the ground. Your task is hitting the ball cleanly, and the lofting of the club will do the rest. Also, its very important that you don’t hit the ball too hard which is a normal urge that you must resist. Many weekend golfers, including those who are just learners of  hitting fairway woods,  tend to smack the ball with highest amount of force, but this is a huge error and needs to avoided.

The most preferred option is to have a controlled and smoother movement that will stay on the correct swing path. This is the ultimate way to get the ball up, off, and on target in the right direction. Let the club do the work for you.

Tip 5: To learn how to hit fairway woods correctly, always remember to keep forward your arm as straight as possible during your swing. Generate power on the downswing by turning your hips through the back swing phase.  Keeping your head down and steady and most importantly keep your eyes on the ball.

Tip 6: There will be  many occasions when you’ll think the fairway wood is the correct golf club to use, but always halt and weigh up  the situation before reaching for it out of your golf bag.

Tip 7:  The main way to understand these clubs is to take them out to the practice range. You need to know what distance you can get from each one, and become proficient in striking the ball cleanly. Practice is the only way to achieve this.

Being in the trees and still a long way from the green, you should consider using an iron to get back into play, rather than trying to make the green. One of the fundamentals to understanding how to hit fairway woods is knowing when to use them. Use one of these specialty golf clubs when you really should be using something else can cause you more problems and trouble than you originally thought.

One final thing that you can be certain of every time: learning how to hit fairway woods correctly, your golf game will improve and you will find your golf scores will become lower. These type golf clubs can be very powerful tool in your game any time you need them in the right situation.

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