The Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout laser rangefinder is very compact unit and is idea for golf. It can also be used for hunting in fact its designed ideally to use for both golf and hunting. A lot of golfers like the fact it’s compact size and be easily carried in your pocket or a golf bag compartment. The general feedback is the Yardage Pro Scout will help you immensely with your approach shots to the green as it gives precise yardage to the pin.

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With its range of 10- to 700-yard with a remarkable 1 yard accuracy +/- it has no special reflectors or devices makes it ideal for golf, bow hunting, and archery. The pocket sized Yardage Pro Scout is also water resistant and a standard 3-volt battery is included in the purchase.

Main Features of Yardage Pro Scout Laser Rangefinder

  • 10 to 700 yardage range up to 1 yard accuracy
  • Perfect for golfing, bow hunting, and archery
  • Pocket sized
  • Water and weather resistence

What buyers are saying about the Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport Laser on Amazon:

Don Clement

“I purchased the Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout for my son for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. I have a Nikon compact 800 laser rangefinder that I thought was best small package laser rangefinder available, that is until I saw the Pro Scout…”

R. Harris

“This rangefinder is great! Much lighter than the big bulky other units. Has all the great features that is needed…..”

F. Tan

“I bought this rangefinder for golf. It is small enough that I could keep it in my pocket. It really helps me with the approach shots to the greens……

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