TaylorMade Burner Superfast Driver Review

This TaylorMade Speedblade Burner is not called ‘SuperFast’ for nothing. Weighing only 284 grams and with extra-length at 46.5 inches, its no surprise these 2 combinations give the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver extra speeed and a massive distance advantage with tee shots. Add in a new aerodynamics on the larger club head for a faster downswing, results in super speed and power for all golf drives. The end result can only be described as a superb or ‘super’ golf driver from TaylorMade.

Highlights of TaylorMade Super Fast Driver:

  • A lighter club promotes super fast club head speed and massive distance
  • Very light 30 gram WINN grip – still with a great feel and traction.
  • Aerodynamics head shape to reduce drag
  • Larger and expansive 460cc clubface makes it very forgiving and easy to hit plus develops your confidence sky-high
  • Matrix Ozik XCON shaft giving a higher launch angle and greater ball speeds equalling more distance.

5 Reasons Why the TaylorMade Super Fast Driver is Very Popular

1. Greater distances than the popular Burner 2009 driver by 20-30 yards

2. Players love the balanced & light feel of this club throughout the golf swing

3. Reduced drag on the down swing allows an effortless fast swing giving you more power

4. Tall players appreciate the longer shaft on this driver

5. Very forgiving on all miss hits and known as the ‘top rated beginner driver on the market.’

Conclusion: Is the TaylorMade R11 worth buying?

The TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver is all about distance – if your looking to put on another 20-30 yards to your tee shots then this is the club for you. The added bonus is that it’s very easy to use without having to readjust your swing techinque. Highly recommended for all golfers.

Feedback: What buyers of the TaylorMade Burner Superfast Driver are saying on Amazon:

Anthony D.

I had the Big Bertha before and had stopped playing golf regularly many years ago. I started back to once or twice per month this past summer. I hit the GBB about 330-350 yards and now I hit the Superfast 370+. It’s a good club for me as I am tall- 6’4″- and the shaft is longer than others on the market. If I have one complaint (and it’s not a legitimate one) it is that the club is deafeningly loud when I hit the ball. It’s so loud that it literally makes your ears ring like after a gunshot. Either way I do like the club and would recommend it to any average golfer that likes to hit long off the tee.

I bought this club for my brother’s birthday and it was the best gift I could have picked out. He said the first time he hit it, his drive was easily 330 yards. He’s a pretty tall guy at 6’2″ and says the club is a great length for him. My dad is jealous and wants one for himself now. I would make this decision over again in a heartbeat!

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