The best driver shafts for distance for your golf club in 2021

Every golf player’s dream is to land the golf ball in the golf pit in one single stroke. It is why golf players have the dream of having the best driver shafts for distance in their golf clubs. A driver shaft can change the course of the game completely. It can help you improve your game skills and win any match with the correct strategy.

Importance of driver shaft in golf club

A driver shaft is so vital to the golf club that it has been described as the club’s engine. It serves as the connecting bridge between your hands and the clubhead. The force is transmitted from your hands to the club head and then to the ball. It is an essential part of the golf club and can make all the difference to your game required for winning.

There are so many things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right driver shaft for your golf clubs. With the straight shaft, you can turn any match in your favor. Here are some aspects of the driver shaft that can help you win almost every golf match.

Key aspects of best driver shafts for distance:

  • The length can determine the quality of the driver shaft. If the size of the post is more, you will need lesser force to swing an arc.
  • The material of the drive shaft is equally essential when it comes to choosing the right golf club. The fabric needs to be flexible so that you can create more significant momentum. Carbon fiber is the most flexible material, but it is a little costly. Steel is the most popular choice for best driver shafts. 
  • Another critical aspect of a driver shaft is the weight. It is essential for every golf club and player as it controls the entire value of the club. During a swing, the shaft’s weight has a crucial role to play and determines how much force you would need to complete the swing.
  • Every shaft has a flex and bend profile. It is the extent to which a shaft can bend or flex during a shot. The flex and bend factor can directly affect the launch angle and the spinning speed of the ball.

Guide for buying the best driver shaft for me

Before purchasing the driver shaft for your golf club, you need to consider why you need to buy it. If you are a frequent player, it will not hurt to invest more in the right quality driver shaft like carbon fiber or even titanium. However, if you occasionally play, you can opt for cheaper choices like steel or an aluminum driver shaft for your golf club.

The shaft should have quick recovery and loading so that you will have no difficulty during matches. There should be the right amount of spin, which will direct the ball towards the hole without changing its course. Some shafts are custom made for prominent golfers and are designed according to their height and playing styles.

Here are the different types of golf driver shafts that you can buy for your golf club.

Types of golf driver shafts:

Depending on the length, material, and weight, there are many varieties of golf shafts. The most popular choices for driver shafts are steel and graphite. Other than that, the flex of the shaft is another criterion for differentiating between the driver shafts. Here are a few prominent types of golf driver shafts.

Extra stiff driver shaft

An extra stiff driver shaft is denoted as an X. It is one of the best golf driver shafts for distance and is meant for golfers who drive 260 yards and above. If you want to use an extra stiff shaft, your swing speed must be around 92 mph or more. As they are not much flexible, you need to put more effort to drive the ball. These shafts are made from steel and are very strong and durable. You should go for an extra stiff driver shaft only if you have a high clubhead speed and are a professional.

Stiff driver shaft

A stiff driver shaft is marked as S and is meant for golfers with a yard driving distance of 240 to 260. These are a bit less stiff than the extra stiff shafts. Therefore, you can buy this driver shaft if you have a swing speed of 84 to 93 mph. Stiff driver shafts are easier to handle than extra stiff ones.

So, even if you have handicaps, you can opt for this one. It is one of the driver shafts for distance for people with single-digit handicaps. The most common material for stiff driver shafts is graphite.

Regular driver shaft

It has a marking of R and is meant for most golfers. Regular driver shafts are easy on the hands and can help you drive the ball farther. If you can move the ball anywhere from 200 to 260 yards, you should opt for this shaft. It is more flexible than the previous shafts and has a decent swing. Your swing speed should be around 75 to 84 mph if you want to use this driver shaft. Regular driver shafts are the best distance driver shafts for people with high mid handicaps.

Senior driver shaft

The senior driver shaft has a marking of A on the flex scale. It is meant for golfers who are amateurs and have a driving distance of 180 to 210 yards. If your swing speed is anywhere between 60 to 76 mph, you should invest in an old driver shaft. These are conveniently flexible and are mostly made from graphite. This driver shaft’s name comes from the fact that most old male golfers use this shaft as it is easy to handle.

Ladies driver shaft

It is meant for people who are beginners in golfing. These are the most flexible driver shafts for distance and will help you have a slow swinging speed. The ladies’ driver shaft will help you if you have a driving distance of 180 yards or less. It has a marking of L on the flex scale. Most of the ladies’ driver shafts are made from graphite or carbon fiber, as they are incredibly flexible.


A driver shaft is an essential part of a golf club. It would be best if you chose it wisely as it can broadly impact your game. It would be best if you remembered that you could not alter your swing speed or driving pattern. So, it would help if you bought the right best driver shafts for distance for your golf club to unlock your full potential as a golfer.

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